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Who is the Perkins Lending Team?

Click on our about page to find out a little more about the lending team and who we are. You can also check out our company's page on the 1st City Mortgage Group page.

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                   Satellite Office

                      3615 Mitchell Dr.
                  Fort Collins, CO 80525
Cell: 970--213-1047    
 Office: 970-266-9111​    

Fax: 970-266-0498      Toll Free: 866-525-1264 

Don't know what the mortgage process is?

Check out our blog on the steps of the mortgage process  to learn what it might entail. This will also explain to you who you will be working with and what you will need to do to get started.

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Corporate Office

1080 Cherokee Street

Denver, CO 80204

Office: 303-321-8800

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How to Apply?

You can apply online today. All you have to do is click here now and you can start filling out your mortgage loan application.


Cell: 970-213-1047

Office: 970-266-9111

​Toll Free: ​866-525-1264​​​